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Free online materials could save schools billions

"Although open teaching materials have been available at the university level for a while now, there have been very few materials for younger learners. That's beginning to change now with the advent of Free-Reading, a free, wiki-based resource for early literacy instruction. The availability of free materials could free up millions of dollars from school budgets for more teachers and training. From the USA Today article 'Last fall, a Florida textbook adoption committee approved Free-Reading, a remediation program for primary-schoolchildren that's believed to be the first free, open-source reading program for K-12 public schools. It's awaiting approval by Eric Smith, the state's incoming education commissioner, who could approve it by mid-December. Florida is one of the top five textbook markets in the USA, so its move could lead to the development of other free materials that might someday challenge the dominance of a handful of big educational publishers.'"


Intel® Education has launched a new resource: Technology Literacy.

This resource holds tremendous promise for classrooms around the world meeting needs in multiple dimensions from technology literacy to 1:1 computing. Technology Literacy provides students with an innovative learning experienceIntel Innovation® 
In Education
through hands-on, projects for the 21st century classroom, computer laboratory, media centre, and home.

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